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"I can never thank Ralph enough for what he gave to me and everyone else."

Steve Wozniak
co-founder Apple Computers

"Ralph Baer has done an amazing job of explaining both the bolts and particularly the nuts of the origins of videogames. He blows away the popular myths and finally exposes the truth of where it really came from. No one has cut a wider swath through videogame history."

Howard Scott Warshaw
Creator of Yar's Revenge and E.T for the Atari 2600

"Ralph Baer's story - and the ubiquitous catalogue of games, toys and other projects which he pioneered - are captured here with youthful enthusiasm and without the personal agendas all too common in the autobiographies of great men; Ralph's phlegmatic tone keeps even the most potentially vitriolic issues in perspective. Videogames: In the Beginning should be a tentpole in the library of any student of
electronic games."

Bill Kunkel Videogame Journalist